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Bungalows with a living room, a kitchen, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an induction cooktop, a bathroom and bedrooms. Some of the bungalows have air conditioner.

1 day 2 days daily price
for more days
4 beds for 2 people 15 600 HUF 26 000 HUF 13 000 HUF
4 beds 19 200 HUF 32 000 HUF 16 000 HUF
5 beds 24 000 HUF 40 000 HUF 20 000 HUF
6 beds 28 800 HUF 48 000 HUF 24 000 HUF

1 day reservations are not available in June, July and August.

Tourist tax (over 18 years of age): 400 HUF/night/person

You can check-in from 12 pm and you have to leave the bungalows until 10 am. If your bungalow is not reserved for the next day, you can leave later for 1500 HUF/person.

A 20% deposit is required to guarantee the reservation.

A/C 3000 HUF/day
Parking space 1000 HUF/day
Housing dogs 1500 HUF/day per dog
Lunch or dinner 2000 HUF

Food is available all day in the buffet.


The price is added up by the tent/caravan campgrounds, the tourist tax and the parking fee (if required). Beach tickets are included in the price.

Tent 3000 HUF/day per person
Caravan 3000 HUF/day per person + 2000 HUF/car parking fee
Tourist tax 400 HUF/night per person over 18 years of age
Parking space 1000 HUF/day
Housing dogs 1000 HUF/day per dog
Breakfast 1500 HUF
Lunch or dinner 2500 HUF

Food is available all day in the buffet.

Beach and camping tickets

The beach is open between 8 am and 8 pm and is free for our guests. You need tickets only if you do not stay in the camping for the night.

Adult ticket 1500 HUF/day
Adult ticket after 6 pm 1000 HUF/day
Under 6 years and over 65 years free
10‑session pass 10 000 HUF
Dog ticket 500 HUF/day
Parking space 500 HUF/day

Hall for events

The rental price of the hall is 15 000 HUF/day and 1500 HUF/person ticket price for those who do not stay in the camping for the night). The bar with its terrace can be rented, too.

Payment options

We accept wire transfer and cash.
All prices include VAT.